Plant Sizes & Guarantee


Native Azaleas are one gallon or 8" mum pot, 12" to 30" tall plants, removed from the pot, bagged and shipped while going dormant or dormant.


Plants are guaranteed to be alive and healthy when shipped. Since we have no control of their care and planting after that, we can make no further warranties. You have 30 days to return plants in the original box and packing for a refund, if plants do not meet your expectations. No refunds or adjustment will be made after that time. Example: you order 5 plants and one does not survive in its new home after 6 months. We do not provide replacement plants once the care of plants is out of our control.

Azaleas naturally cross with their neighboring azaleas that bloom at the same time. Plants will also naturally manifest "sports" or unusual colors. For this reason, plants grown from field-collected seed may not be identical to their parent or general descriptions published about a given variety. This is part of the joy and excitement of having azaleas in your garden! 

Verdie Sommerville