About Us

Mountain Mist Nursery is owned and operated by Susan & Richard Mucci.

Richard's brother and next-door neighbor, Larry, founded Mountain Mist Nursery back in the '90s when he purchased a patch of scenic property in Fairview, NC. He started with hostas but quickly came to love the variety that native azaleas and woodlands presented right there on his land and beyond. Mountain Mist still sells hostas but the real allure of growing and propagating a wide selection of plants native to the Southeast really struck a cord and became the focus.

For local visits to the nursery, call or email at least a day in advance of a visit. Payments are accepted in cash or check only, no credit cards, at the nursery. Our location is 8 miles south of Asheville, NC, south off I-40 at the Hwy 74A Exit toward Lake Lure and Chimney Rock. Turn left on Old Fort Road, just past the Animal Hospital, 4.5 miles south of I-40. Go 3.5 miles on Old Fort Road and turn left onto Log Gap Road. Go 1/10 mile up the mountain, taking your first right at 10 Log Gap Road. Follow the driveway to the bottom of the hill, which turns into a parking area where you will find the Nursery among the azaleas, laurel, Rosebay rhododendron, dogwood, and native hollies.

To shop online, just click on the category of plants you want. To view a larger photo, click on the plant name or thumbnail. Payments are easy, as we use PayPal's secure Check Out, where you can pay by Credit Card without signing up for PayPal by clicking on the pay with credit card option, or use your PayPal account, the safest way to pay online.

At Mountain Mist Nursery, we can't get enough of the incredible sights, fragrances, and atmosphere of the land we are blessed to live on. As time goes by, you'll be seeing more photographs of the specimens that we grow right here, in addition to well-recognized industry images. The artful and dramatic images are likely the work of Molly Dockery, Susan's daughter. Check out her other work and the work of her husband Jason at Molly Dockery Photography and Lose the Trail.