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The Kelly Strickland azalea collection is the result of a lifetime of searching out the very best forms of native azaleas and expanding their use for future gardeners. With that in mind, Kelly Strickland made sure that his work would survive him by bequeathing his azaleas to his good friend, Randolph Maphis, an internationally noted camelliaThis was an inspired choice, for though the collection is far too large to move in its entirety, Randolph Mathis, after evaluating the collection, resolved to save it and attempted to propagate the azaleas in the collection. "The problems associated with the reproducing so many azaleas and crosses made by Kelly Strickland and Al Burke required tissue culture techniques that are evolving, and fortunately Randolph Maphis was able to find help from Earl Sommerville, Dr. Andy Whipple, Vivian Abney, Alan Cantrell and Mark Crawford in developing lines that will lead to the eventual release of major numbers of the Strickland azaleas.”  From Joe Coleman’s article in the ASA Journal ‘ The Azalean’ Volume 33 # 2 Summer 2011.Some plants are available in larger sizes, to view or buy larger plants click on the plant photo, name or info and check the drop down box for sizes available and the price.3 gallon azaleas are not shipped, you must pick these up at the nursery. Note when you get this error message:Sorry but that product is out of stock. Please click on the select box and select another size to order.
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  • Al Curry
  • Bill Curry STR 42 16N
  • Charlene Whiddon STR 23 39E
  • Kelly's Red - STR 9N (R. flammeum)
  • NeSmith Nursery Red STR 9 14S
  • Pierce Whiddon STR 11 34E
  • Steve Lawrence
  • Yellow River Austrinum STR E-52