Collection: Earl Sommerville's Hybrids and Cultivars

Fall to early Spring is the best time to plant deciduous azaleas, as long as the ground is not frozen. This gives the azaleas time to establish roots without the stress of supporting foliage and blooms. EarlSommerville has one of the largest collections of Native Azalea selections and cultivars in the Country. Most are from the Southeast and are more suitable to be grown along the Atlantic Coast and in the South. His plants are being grown in tissue culture to get a larger supply to customers. Many of these azaleas with R. flammeum in their background and are more heat tolerate. We will be adding more of Earl's azaleas each seasons plants are available in larger sizes, to view or buy larger plants click on the plant photo, name or info and check the drop down box for sizes available and the price.

3 gallon azaleas are not shipped, you must pick these up at the nursery. Note when you get this error message : Sorry but that product is out of stock. Please click on the select box and select another size to order.
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