What a year!

Daydreaming and reflecting

Undeniably, the last year has been a time of challenge and change. So many have been set adrift and others have just been swamped. We are hearing a collective sigh of relief and hope as more folks get vaccinated and return to work. Life may never be like the old "normal" but wouldn't you agree that this is a very special spring season?

We'd like to thank our customers for the business and the kind words. It's been a busy year! After many dreams and lots of planning we were able to build a work shed with a bathroom! It has a composting toilet. Our customers and workers really are happy about this.

Supply side economics has paid our tiny little business a visit. All of our suppliers have passed along increased costs to us, and after more than 5 years, we've had to tick our prices up a little. It's just a fact of business, but not a pleasure!

Did you know? It takes three to four years for an azalea to grow to selling size. It can take multiple seasons for some of our woodlands to reach marketable sizes and quantities. Some of the varieties that we carry will never, ever, be available in large numbers. Factors such as these in most industries would create a pricing structure beyond what we feel we can work with. 

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