R. viscosum var. serrulatum (Hammocksweet Azalea)


Product Code: R. 53

A natural hybrid of R. viscosum, White fragrants flowers, blooms in September to October, 12"-16" and grows to 3" to 8'

A large growing native deciduous azalea that ranges farthest south into central Florida.  It is one of the latest flowering of the azaleas, sometimes blooming in Setember.  It has rather small fragrant white flowers and grows in swampy areas with acid soil. Rhododendron serrulatum has often been lumped or confused with Rhododendron viscosum but the two are distinct in growth habit, flowering time, distribution, and other characters. This plant likes moisture but is not tolerant of flooded saturated soil.

•    Deciduous
Soil Properties
•    Well-drained
Sun Requirements
•    Part Shade