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Small plants 10" - 14".'Chelsea Reach' x 'Cecile'. Cross (1979), raised, named, and described by A.W. Smith, Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario, Vineland Station, Ontario, Canada LOR 2E0; introduced and registered by H.R.I.O. Flowers openly funnel-shaped, slightly fragrant, 3" across x 2" long, 13 per truss, 5 petals with wavy/frilled margins. Peach colored buds open to apricot flowers (blended orange and pink shades); at maturity flowers are light pink (50D) with orange-yellow eye. Calyx minute, pale green. Ball-shaped truss, 5" across x 4" high. Leaves 4 3/4"xl 5/8", elliptic, flat, apiculate, cuneate, both surfaces hairy. Plant upright, dense growth habit, free-flowering, 24" high x 18" wide in 4 years from seed. Blooms late May. Plant hardy to at least -16F. Zone 5-8